Private Equity

Private Equity

Whether your are a business owner seeking funds or a PE house seeking opportunities we can match the right opportunities with the right capital.

We can help growing companies to:

  • Find the best matched PE Investor.
  • Negotiate the best possible terms.

We can help PE Houses to:

  • Find the best opportunity to match your objectives.
  • Negotiate the best terms for optimum outcomes.




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Does your business need investment equity to grow or are you a PE house looking for opportunities? Contact us now to find out how we can help!

What Our Clients Are Saying

Business OwnerOctober 2019

We contacted Cap Corporate Finance as we needed outside investment to grow our business. They brought several parties to the table and we were able to select the best source of funds which matched our own objectives!

PE InvestorJune 14, 2016

As seasoned investors we constantly seek opportunities to match our investment objectives. Cap Corporate Finance keep unearthing gems.

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